Monday, January 16, 2012

Stampington Magazines finally arrived

Took 4 weeks but they are finally here and worth the wait, and now you probably have more time to enjoy them

 to review http;// Cost $15

to review Cost $20
To review Cost $20

As I give a discount on the magazines I can no longer subsidise the postage.
For 1 Somerset Studio the postage is $2.75 with no tracking
or $12.60 for overnight post and that will hold up to 5 or 6 magazines, I know this is expensive but Australia Post put up their freight rates to just ordinary in an envelope for magazine under 500 grams which Somerset studio falls into just under that weight but there is no tracking so it can and sometimes does go missing.  The safest way is the overnight rate of $12.60 and if  you are getting several magazines it evens the cost per magazine out.  If anyone knows of a cheaper freight I would be grateful as the freight is a major headache, especially when you are trying to keep your prices down.
To order email me on or phone on 08 9377 2343

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