Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Art Journal class

Would you be interested to do a monthly art journal class in the evening,  I can hire the hall on Friday nights.  At the this stage I am just getting a list of people interested and then work out the details.  If its just once a month it would give you the opportunity to do research if needed.  My thoughts are a journal of memories, so it would incorporate your own photo's and the choice to journal the history the relates to those photo's.
Above is a sample of one I am working on at the moment.  Techniques in this one include collage using printed photo's, stamping, painting and journal writing.  You will learn of what materials you can use, how to use them, keep balance in your pages and to tell a story.
If you are interested either phone me on 9377 2343 or email jackyjohn1@optusnet.com.au

It will be a great class to do


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