Thursday, June 14, 2012

June magazines

All the above magazines are here now, after receiving one carton that looked like it had been dumped in the ocean, Perth was not at fault as we had not had rain for weeks, the result was that all the magazines where wet and all glued together.  Stampington very kindly sent another order immediately so my customers wouldn't suffer magazine withdrawals.  All these are $20 each and still available other than Where Women Cook.
The following magazines are due in next week so I am putting them on here as well.

this is looking interesting, still at $15 other magazines still $20
my favourite magazine, I still have a copy of the last issue if you missed out

I missed getting an image of Somerset life, it will be in this order as well.  Unfortunately postage has gone up with Australia post and to get value for the cost, I would recommend getting more than one if you have a friend that would like to share postage, I use Express Post and it is now $13 as it has tracking and only a couple of dollars more than the other one, it will hold up to 5 or 6 magazines.  As all the magazines are usually over 500g they will not fit in the cheaper option, Somerset Studio is often under 500g and will fit in the $2.75 envelope but there is no tracking, if you are willing to take the risk that is an option.  If you would like to order please email me on payment bank direct debit or credit card.

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